About us

Your trust and satisfaction is our success

Emonagram d.o.o. is the largest Service center in Slovenia. We are aware that top-notch technological products require top-notch treatment. We are authorized to repair mobile devices of almost all brands. We have all the necessary certifications, knowledge and equipment and our service is professional and reliable.
Our mission: with work, knowledge, competence and innovation, we are a reliable and trusted partner. Our passion is to provide quality service and other comprehensive solutions in the field of mobile devices, and commitment is part of our corporate culture. It is expressed in our approach to work, colleagues and business partners. We are here with you today and we'll remain also in the future.

How we do it


Before repairing the mobile device, we consult with the owner

Original parts

We use only original, certified and tested spare parts so you keep the warranty


The price of the repair and necessary parts is transparent and known in advance


In addition to the original parts, we guarantee the best quality of service

Company history

Podejtje Emonagram, d.o.o. was created in 2011 with the cooperation between CHS d.o.o. from Slovenia and MMM Agramservis d.o.o. from Croatia. Company CHS d.o.o. has been present on the telecommunications market in Slovenia for over 10 years in the field of distribution and after-sales support for the brands Qtek, HTC and BlackBerry. Company MMM Agramservis d.o.o. has many years of experience, know how and references in the development and provision of services in the after-sales support to various mobile equipment manufacturers and is a specialized partner to mobile and fixed telephony operators.

Our vision: We are aware that our success depends on the satisfaction of our users. In the rapidly changing field of mobile telephony, we will with constant improvement, continue to be the best, fastest, most quality and reliable service provider and after-sales supporter in the field of mobile telephony in Slovenia

Emonagram is not only service

In addition to sales and after-sales services and logistics support for mobile and other devices, we also offer business partners:


Support for the selection, use and purchase of mobile phones and other equipment.


Logistic support in solving distribution requirements.


Reverse logistics and service that optimize business and communication processes.


We offer buyers of new mobile devices a 1-year insurance in the event of damage, accidental destruction, fracture due to falling, destruction due to fire or theft.

Fast, professional and affordable service!

Original parts, retained warranty!

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